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Where Do Your Funds Go?

Over 65% of your purchase stays locally with Scouts, their packs and troops and their local Council. The remainder goes toward products, shipping, storage, and sales support that enable Scouts to run their fundraiser.

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Trail’s End Puts the Scout First

Our entire program is focused on the Scout experience. From our training program to Scout rewards, it’s all about them! Over 65% of product sales go directly to supporting local Scouting. Your dollars fund experiences like summer camps and community projects in addition to helping Scouts cover annual dues and the cost of uniforms, equipment, and more!

This fundraiser teaches Scouts how to approach adults professionally, speak publicly, manage the finances of a fundraiser, and navigate the many ways to raise funds online. Proceeds of their fundraiser unlock new adventures for them, including a life-long respect for their environment, problem solving, self-confidence, and survival skills that will benefit them for life.

That’s the difference that fundraising through Trail’s End makes.

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Scout Rewards

The Trail’s End rewards program provides Scouts with points for every dollar they sell during their fundraiser. Scouts can use these rewards to obtain hard-earned prizes via Amazon gift cards. The rewards program incentivizes Scouts for hard work while supporting their year in Scouting.

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Family Variety Pack

This bundle comes with four delicious bags of popcorn: salted caramel, white cheddar, kettlecorn, and S'mores.

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White Cheddar Popcorn

Packs rich, white cheddar cheese flavor into every light, fluffy bite.

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Unbelievable Butter Microwave Popcorn

Doesn't hold back on buttery flavor, so you can bring your next movie night, game night, or midnight snack to the next level.

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